eHealth City Svendborg

In the municipality of Svendborg, the citizens of three specific streets will play a part in defining the health solutions of the future in the project eHealth City Svendborg.

In the project, the usual development process is turned upside down. Typically, the hospital and municipality start out by defining in which areas new solutions should be developed, but this project takes the citizens’ needs and ideas for the future healthcare system as a starting point.

The project encompasses three specific streets in Svendborg, and it focuses on the citizens’ experiences and contact with the healthcare system. How do they experience contact with the municipality, doctors and the hospital? What should the healthcare system look like from a citizen’s perspective in order to support a healthy and active daily life for the citizens now and in the future?


The needs of the citizens form the basis of new solutions, which will be tested and developed in collaboration with the residents of the three streets, healthcare professionals and companies. The street laboratories are the starting point and will later expand to the whole city of Svendborg and other municipalities.

Linda Lisberg Poulsen


Start: October 2017
End: the project has no end date yet


The project is carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of Svendborg and the company Public Intelligence.


Rikke Lyngholm Christensen

Rikke Lyngholm Christensen

Programme Manager | (+45) 2462 9727 | [email protected]