Research and studies carried out at OUH have shown that patients lack a general view of their personal course of treatment. They have trouble understanding what is happening and where, what they have to do on their own and why, as well as the connection between different kinds of treatments in the same course.

This has direct consequences for both patient satisfaction, patient safety and the hospital’s use of resources.

Therefore, project e-patient intend to develop a digital platform, which will give the patients a better general perspective and more focused information about their course of treatment, and what is expected of them during the course of treatment.


The aim of e-Patient is to explore digital solutions to give the patients a better general perspective of their course of disease as well as better information and communication options.

Therefore, the aim of e-patient is to develop new, scalable concepts for digital patient improval and communication. In total, there are 6-8 concepts divided between different patient catagories and courses of disease planned for development in the project.


e-Patient has resulted in 6 concepts, 55 workshops and 25 test cycles, plus a completed commercialization track. View all of the concepts in the project.

Lisbeth Thisted Andersen


Start: January 2016
End: December 2017


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Rikke Lyngholm Hansen-Christensen

Rikke Lyngholm Hansen-Christensen

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