Digital Vision

The departments at Odense University Hospital (OUH) work with innovation and digitisation at various stages and paces, and we do not know the full benefit or possible synergies of a thorough transition to digital workflows.

Digital Vision represents a new approach to digital hospital transformation where we will perform a ‘deep dive’ into the workflows, patient segments and current challenges of one hospital department with the aim of creating a full digital transformation of all workflows from internal logistics to patient care and communication with patients – in and outside of the hospital.

All initiatives within Digital Vision will make work tasks easier for the staff and free time for the patients, but some solutions will be targeted the patients directly – such as apps for smartphones to improve communication or telemedicine for home treatment and monitoring.

The department’s relations with other departments and the primary sector will be identified and taken into account in the project, because being digital in one department will not suffice if extra administration is required because the partners are not digital.


Digital Vision aims to ensure smooth workflows, free time for the patients, reorganise activities and ease patient pathways. It will prepare the department for New OUH (the new hospital in Odense) – and create a model for a similar transition of the other departments at OUH.

The first phase of the project is to analyse the existing use of IT systems and digital tools to identify problem areas within the IT systems themselves and integration between systems. Next, innovative tools already in use in other departments will be implemented to get the full benefit of synergies and integrations.

Finally, the project will identify ‘digital gaps’ where OUH does not currently have solutions at the hospital to cover the need and then find or develop solutions specifically for that area.

In the end, the department will be the most digital department at the hospital, and the solutions and benefits realised can be transferred to other departments.


Start: 2019
End: 2022


Digital Vision will be put into practice at the Department of Gastroenterology at OUH from 2019-2021, after which the concept is expected to be scaled up for other departments at OUH.

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Michelle Lyndgaard Nielsen

Michelle Lyndgaard Nielsen

Innovation consultant | (+45) 2165 6406 | [email protected]

Tessa Lind Gjødesen

Tessa Lind Gjødesen

Head of Innovation, PhD, MPM | (+45) 2916 0324 | [email protected]