Assessment of the Virtual Ambulatory

In the future, patients will, in a larger extent, be able to define individually when they need healthcare professional contact.
The Virtual Ambulatory is the future service for patients that needs flexible treatment.

A project at the Endocrinological Department M assess whether or not it will be possible in the future that patients can reduce physical consultations at the ambulatory and instead of booking consultations, deliver results from, for example, blood pressure and get information in a virtuel waiting room.


The purpose of the project is to produce knowledge about the execution of virtual, outpatient consultations at a selected patientgroup; to assess the patients and staffs experiences of the virtual consultations and the use of technology, as well as the assessment of whether or not the virtual consultations can be used as a supplement to the traditional attendance.

The vision is that The Virtual Ambulatory should be demand-driven, so that the patients can book consultations on their own.


From january 2016 until July 2018 The Virtual Ambulatory will be tested and developed. The project will be at the Diabetes ambulatory, the Thyroid ambulatory and the Osteoporosis Ambulatory and is financed by the Digitization Agency.

The assessment, which involves elements of the MAST-model will be handled by Anne Lee (Organizational aspects) and Iben Fasterholdt (Economic aspects) and concludes at the end of 2018.


Start: January 2016
End: Ultimo December 2018


For further information, please contact nurse Anette Agerholm

Chronic: “Skal næste ambulante besøg være en videokonsultation”



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