The PRO-active patient

PRO is a focus area within the Danish health service because of increasing attention to involving patients in both their treatment and decisions regarding their treatment and rehabilitation courses.

The project was aimed at patients with a need for heart rehabilitation after admissions with ischaemic heart diseases (reduced oxygen supply to the cardiac muscle).


The PRO-active Patient collected health information from patients when they are outside the hospital. The project used the information for organising a more focused monitoring and treatment, where the patient’s experienced health condition determined the next step of the treatment rehabilitation.

In the project, the patients were asked to answer questionnaires concerning their health and mental state through the patient app My Hospital. Through their responses, it would be possible to identify patients with an increased need for assistance in complying with health recommendations about smoking cessation, weight loss, exercise and medicine, and also screen for anxiety and depression which often affect this patient group.


An assessment has been made for the PRO-Secretariat under the Ministry of Health. The assessment examined clinical and technical results, patient- and organisational aspects as well as financial consequences by using PRO data through the app My Hospital with cardiac rehabilitation patients across the health sector.


After the conclusion of the project, the participating departments have wished to continue the collaboration with the applied solution.

The project has been of great value to the patients, and the majority of the patients would recommend it to others. In this context, they add that the message function of the app has been confidence-building for them and their course of treatment. The staff experience the message function and surveys as being time-consuming, but they agree that it is confidence-building for the patients, and at the same time they provide a potential quality enhancement of the consultations. By adhering to an efficient working procedure it would, however, be possible to eliminate the extra preparation time.

The participants of the project hope to be able to collaborate with other municipalities because patients often move across municipalities, hospitals etc. This would contribute to a more coherent health sector.

 Tue Kjølhede


The project was carried out in collaboration with Cardiological Outpatient Clinic and Rehabiliation at OUH Svendborg Hospital, and the Health House of the municipality of Svendborg, which offered an extended heart rehabiliation offer for the citizens.


The PRO-active patient


Start: spring 2017
End: August 2018


PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes) is information about health conditions of the patient which the individual patient communicates to the health services. This may be i.a. the physical and metal state of the patient, symptoms, health related quality of life and level of function.

PRO is also at times called PROM (Patient Reported Outcome Measures).

Read more about PRO on the homepage for Partnership on PRO.

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