Database of evidence-based telemedicine updated with newest literature

In 2020, CIMT launched an online database of evidence-based telemedicine solutions in hospitals.

The database provides an overview of the effect of telemedicine solutions and is – as far as is known – the world’s largest of its kind. In February 2022, the database was updated with data extracts and assessments from scientific articles which have been published after the first launch of the database, ie. in the period September 2019-September 2021. Thus, the database now contains data from more than 510 randomised or comparative studies that have examined the effect of telemedicine solutions for patients in hospitals.

In the database you can find information about studies within specific specialties and with special focus on:

  • The patient group
  • The technology
  • The effect of the intervention

The database is a help to researchers and healthcare professionals at Danish and foreign hospitals who want to introduce new digital services for patients on an evidence-based basis.

The database has received a positive reception. For example says Britt Lange, chief physician at Respirationscenter Syd at Odense University Hospital:

”… a database I will be able to use in my work with telemedicine. It is a long-awaited initiative, which I am so looking forward to taking advantage of. An important initiative when we are now looking toward a future in need of more telemedicine”.

In addition to the comprehensive update of the database, it will also be expanded during 2022 with articles on general practice.

See the database on the website and contact us at [email protected] if you have questions or comments about the database.


You can visit the database at