Connected Health

Studies show that some Danish patients experience the hospital as an opaque system characterised by slow processes. Patients may experience insufficient communication and poor chances of a general view and coherence related to the course of treatment.


Therefore, the project of Connected Health aimed at developing the communication and information APP My Hospital in benefit of the patients at OUH Odense University Hospital and Svendborg Hospital. My Hospital is a modulated solution that includes specific and patient-centred information with graphics and video. The patient is given a general view of the current position and future of the course of treatment.


The project includes both specific and also general functions and modules. The common thing is that the development is carried out in a collaboration with the clinic, the patients and the developers of the APP. The project has contributed to the maturation of the APP, which makes it usable in a wide context at the hospital, and many departments are able to implement it. My Hospital is now extended to all courses at the hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark, and the APP is still being refined, and new functions and modules are being developed.

Lisbeth Thisted Andersen


Start: February 2015
End: July 2016



Rikke Lyngholm Hansen-Christensen

Rikke Lyngholm Hansen-Christensen

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