COLLIN – collaboration for innovation

During the period of 2011 to 2014, Odense University Hospital had a close collaboration with the university hospital in Kiel (UKS-H), and it was this relationship that formed the basis of the project of COLLIN (COLLaboration for Innovation). The project aspired to compose guidelines for a systematic approach to hospital innovation that matches the general conditions and demands at every modern hospital.


The aim of the COLLIN project was to create scopes and conditions for viable barrier-breaking innovation to elevate the two regions to a stronger position within innovative technologies in the health services.  In the long term, the aim was to introduce an innovation department at the hospital in Kiel, inspires by the Danish department at Odense University Hospital.


Through the project, OUH assisted the German hospital UKS-H in preparing to establish a central innovation department, i.e. through study visits in Odense and Kiel and the arrangement of workshops regarding working with strategic health innovation at hospitals. At the conclusion of the project, and innovation department at UKS-H was not yet established, but the organisation continued the work.

Rikke Lyngholm Hansen-Christensen


Start: April 2013
End: May 2014



Rikke Lyngholm Hansen-Christensen

Rikke Lyngholm Hansen-Christensen

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