CIMT researcher appointed professor at SDU

Astrid Janssens, Senior Researcher at CIMT, member of CIMT’s Research Committee and Head of ForSa-P: Centre for Research with Patients and Relatives, has been appointed Professor in user perspectives. The professorship is a collaboration between the Department of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark and Odense University Hospital.

Astrid’s research focuses on the relationship between patients, relatives, health professionals and researchers to improve treatment and patients’ and relatives’ experience at the hospital. She has a background in psychology and anthropology and completed her PhD in Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. She moved to the UK to join the PenCRU research group at the University of Exeter, where she remains affiliated as an honorary Associate Professor.

Astrid has a strong passion for and longstanding commitment to issues of democratisation, participation and user involvement in health research and more recently in health education.

Read the press release here.