Senior Researcher Christoph Beier

Christoph Beier

Professor,, Chief Physician at the Department of Neurology, Odense University Hospital.

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Christoph Beier is a Medical Specialist in neurology, Clinical Professor and Chief Physician at the Department of Neurology at Odense University Hospital and Head of the Clinic for Epilepsy. He is also a member of CIMT’s Research Committee.

Christoph Beier has gained an insight into a wide range of research methods through his education at the Department of Neurology at Tübingen University Hospital and his specialist training and research in cancer stem cells at the University of Regensburg and Aachen in Germany.

His current research is aiming for better and more efficient treatment for patients with epilepsy and sleeping disorders. This requires better understanding of the disease mechanism, better and faster diagnosis with modern technologies and a more personalised medical treatment. But better treatment can also be achieved through a better organisation of the treatment  of epilepsy through optimised involvement of the staff concerned, use of patient reported outcomes (PRO) and development of new digital solutions for triage and outpatient analysis of patients with non-fatal diseases.

In the part of Christoph Beier’s research with a particular relevance for CIMT, he uses quantitative and qualitative methods to analyse the patient experience, safety and the financial aspects of increasing use og digital solutions such as PRO in outpatient treatments.