The project had a focus on the delivery of healthcare benefits and support of elder citizens with complex needs of social and health care, and who had a high risk of admissions to hospitals or healthcare centres, because they were in need for treatment of numerous chronic disorders.

Therefore, CareWell used new IT solutions to improve the coordination, communication, monitoring, self-management and involvement of relatives in the current treatment and care.

The new solutions were to improve the communication and coordination between the health personnel in different sectors and in that way take part in creating a better coherence in the treatment of elder patients in their private home.


The aim of the CareWell project was to create solutions that make the patients able to live a more independent life, provide better chances of the involvement of relatives, and create a more coherent patient experience for patients receiving care from several units and sectors.

The solutions were also meant to ensure better utilisation of the resources used on care in the involved sectors and a better collaboration among the nursing staff.


Start: opening 2014
End: year-end 2016

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The partners of the project consist of six European regions.



Mette Maria Skjøth

Mette Maria Skjøth

Project manager, PhD | (+45) 2057 5043 | [email protected]