Business case about tele interpretation

All patients in relation to the health authorities in Denmark have the right to information. When the patient does not speak Danish, it is necessary to make sure the patient is informed for example about diagnosis, possible treatments and course of treatment, by other means. Often the language barrier is resolved by summoning an interpreter. Good communication between the patient and the staff, it is crucial for the treatment and the quality of treatment.


The aim of this project was to provide consultancy support for MedCom in the preparation of a business case for the national spreading of interpretation via video conference based on a template from The Digital Taskforce. The intention of preparing a business case was:

a) to create an economical basis for decision for the decision-makers

b) to ensure that the project leads to measurable effects via a follow-up on economical and qualitative gains, for example through the use of key performance indicators and

c) to give process control through the use of project management tools, such as partner analysis, risk analysis, milestone plan and implementation strategy.


Interpretation via video conference equipment creates a space where patient, doctor and interpreter can see and hear each other at the same time, but where the interpreter is not physically present. The use of video conference equipment for interpretation makes it easier to have an interpreter available for urgent situations while making it possible for the doctor to complete an examination of the patient with interpretation as the camera can be turned off or covered up. Interpretation via the use of video conference equipment saves time and transportation for the interpreter which saves times for the staff in the incidents where they are awaiting the start of consultation because of the fact that the interpreter is not yet appeared.


End: March 10, 2011




Kristian Kidholm

Kristian Kidholm

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