Bookplan/Cetrea Surgical

Odense University Hospital is, as a part of a pilot project, in the process of implementing the IT-systems BookPlan/Cetrea Surgical in two chosen departments with operating rooms at the hospital. The solution is a booking and coordination system for the health sector, with a central planning module and a fullscreen solution with continuous updating patient flow.



The aim is that the two IT-solutions will give better usage of the operating rooms, including less time spent on planning, re-planning and telephone calls. An SMS-system is to decrease non-attendance from ambulant visits. Increased cooperation/coordination crosswise of the involved parts in the operations is assumed to give a better work environment for the staff. Overall the hope is a better support system as well as long-term operational planning (BookPlan) as an optimization of the execution of the operational program of the given day (Cetra Surgical).



Analyses of focal groups indicate that the staff is mainly positive towards BP/CS, but there have been large organisational challenges, for example, integrational challenges with the two IT-solutions, where it has been necessary with extra educational activities. The systems are not yet fully implemented on both departments and both staff and management do not know the systems full potential which complicates the optimal usage. Certain workflows – operational planning and execution, scanning of patients – has become more complicated and time-consuming than before.



The HTA is based on a systematic literature review of the existing scientific literature about the electronic systems for operational planning and coordination, including BookPlan/Cetrea Surgical (BP/CS) and describes these with a special focus on the clinical, economical and organisational HTA dimensions.


Start: fall 2013
End: 2014


For more information about the project and the following assessment, please contact Iben Fasterholdt.






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