Beyond Silos

For the citizens to experience a coherent course when in contact with the health services, the health services must be able to collaborate across sectors rather than isolating themselves in silos.

In the project of Beyond Silos, a wide range of intersectoral health solutions were pilot tested and attempted implemented in Northern Ireland, Sofie (Bulgaria), Badalona and Valencia (Spain), Campania (Italy), Amadora (Portugal) and Kinzigtal (Germany). All of the pilot places complied with the same specially developed programme for developing, implementing and assessing the new services; based on experiences from previous projects throughout Europe and with a particular focus on user involvement.

All pilot testings were assessed through the MAST model, which has been developed in participation with CIMT.


The Beyond Silos project was to promote the extension and knowledge sharing related to ‘Integrated eCare’ in Europe.  ‘Integrated eCare’ is a technology that supports an intersectoral collaboration concerning the delivery of social and health care for the citizens.


The Centre for Innovative Medical Technology and Odense University Hospital had no clinic services in the project but were responsible for the assessment. The Model for Assessment of Telemedicine (MAST) was a used tool for the assessment and thereby further validated.


Start: February 2014
End: January 2017


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The project consists of 13 European partners that include health organisations (hospitals, municipalities etc.), health IT companies, researchers and consultants.



Mette Maria Skjøth

Mette Maria Skjøth

Project manager, PhD | (+45) 2057 5043 | [email protected]

Kristian Kidholm

Kristian Kidholm

Head of Research, Professor | (+45) 3058 6477 | [email protected]