Visit from abroad

Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) regularly welcomes guests from all over the world, and recently we have enjoyed the visits from both Professor Anne Snowdon from Ontario, Canada and Professor Anthony Smith from Queensland, Australia.


Anne Snowdon came to Denmark for her inaugural seminar where she presented her work with supply chain management in the health sector. Supply chain management means to create structures to track patients, products (e.g. medicine, food, beds, clothes), suppliers etc. to optimise processes and always have the correct product in the right amount.

The purpose is patient safety and to prevent patient harm, and in relation to the organisation the purpose is to save resources by keeping track of products and only stocking products we need and use.


Anthony Smith’s professorship has been extended five more years so there is plenty of time for existing and new projects in both Denmark and Australia. Anthony regularly visits Denmark and has well-established collaborations with researchers and PhD students from Odense University Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark.

During this visit, he gave a presentation at the CIMT Academy where he told us about his work as editor for the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. Anthony encouraged the audience to become peer-reviewers, because it is a chance to stake your claim and own your area of expertise. As a peer-reviewer, you are forced to stay up to date with the latest literature and research results and thereby keep yourself updated.

Anthony also gave some advice on what to do (and not to do), if you want to be published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare or other journals. A few key points were:

  • a good paper tells a story (in as few words as possible)
  • make sure title and content match
  • well organised articles do better; layout and structure matter. Proofread
  • studies should be (more or less) globally applicable
  • if you do a systematic review, make sure it has not been done already – some areas are over reviewed