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Mobile Health – also known as mHealth – that is the use of smartphones and tablets in the health services, is an industry that has grown substantially in recent years as an increasing number of citizens has started using these technologies in their everyday life. Therefore, Odense University Hospital aspired to develop a range of mHealth applications within chosen clinic fields of expertise to test the value of mobile solutions for patients and personnel in the APPlied Health project.


The aim of the project of APPlied Health was initially to analyse the existing national and international mHealth applications. Subsequently, the project studies the possibilities of developing new, innovative mobile services through a dialogue between patients and the hospital.

The ambition was to create new tools for clinicians and patients in the form of programmes (applications or in short “apps”) for smart phones within three areas: treatment, communication and diagnostics.


The project developed a range of app prototypes in close collaboration with users from hospitals, students from technical schools and companies in the industry. The prototypes were tested by personnel and patients. In addition, the project developed a concluded app “The OUH wayfinding APP”, which is now implemented and helps patients, relatives and personnel finding their way around the two registers of OUH.

At Odense University Hospital there is a high degree of the implementation of apps in benefit of both patients and personnel. This is partly due to APPlied Health’s fundamental identification of needs for patients and personnel and the early app prototypes, which the project has developed and tested.

Lisbeth Thisted Andersen


Start: September 2012
End: December 2016

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