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In the health sector, there is an increasing focus on short term hospital stays and the possibility of care and treatment in one’s own home – both to save resources at the hospital, but especially to make the course of treatment more comfortable for the patient and less interfering in their everyday life.

In collaboration with the Apple and Medware, CoLab Odense has built a test setup that connects Apple Health Kit with the app My Hospital. This way, data is transferred directly from the patient’s smartphone to the app My Hospital and thereby to the medical chart system Cosmic.

The project covers three smaller projects that build on the results of one another.
The projects were:

  • The development of a test setup at the Department of Nephrology at OUH
  • A generic test setup, including the planning and completion of five tests of patient care with monitoring equipment for blood pressure, weight, sleep and Apple Watch
  • A project with CoLab plug’n’play to develop a manual for the development of courses based on experiences from the completed tests of technology and patient care


The aim of the project is to provide patients with chronic diseases (initially kidney patients) with the possibility of monitoring from home, and thereby decrease the number of hospital trips. The first setup focuses on the monitoring of blood pressure, but the setup could be expanded to self-monitoring of weight, sleep etc.


The patients expressed satisfaction with the possibility of monitoring blood pressure at home in peace; a few expressed that is was nice to be able to do everything at once and to know immediately that the blood pressure value was sent.

Lisbeth Thisted Andersen Malte Kongstad Deleuran


Start: September 2016
End: November 2017


Apple Health Kit is an app on newer iPhones that may be used to collect and show data from other apps that are able to count steps, measure the blood pressure or register weight.

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