App in support of the treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder with an appearance of 2-4 % among the population. Secondary complications such as arthritis and depression as well as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and the need for continuous treatment place a great burden on the individual psoriasis patient.
Patients often experience a significant decrease in the quality of life caused by the pro-longed course and also the considerable trouble and possible adverse drug reactions of the treatment.

The patient’s motivation for complying with the instructions for the treatment varies, and this reduces the effect of the treatment, since medication that stays in the dispenser does not work. The litterature implies that as many as 50 percent of the patients do not use their treatment as recommended (= they are non-adherent).


The aim of the PhD project was to study if the app MyPso SmarTopTM Version 1.0 in combination with the electronic monitor SmarTopTM can assist psoriasis patients in complying with the prescribed topical treatment (= increase adherence), and also study if the app may reduce the degree of psoriasis and increase the quality of life.


The app with the electronic monitor was tested in a randomised controlled study, which included 134 psoriasis patients divided into either a non intervention group or an intervention group. Results showed that the app for smartphones increased the share of adherent psoriasis patients to a calcipotriol/betamethason dipropionat foam product, and at the same time, the app reduced psoriasis in a statistical and clinical manner.

It is expected that the design of the project can be used for testing complex adherent seeking interventions. Results from the project can be expanded to the treatment of other prolonged dermalogical disorders.

Jane Clemensen


Start: Clinical trials initiated January 2017
End: Clinical trials concluded August 2017

The PhD defence took place on 13 December 2018.


The project is carried out in collaboration with LEO Pharma.


Jane Clemensen

Jane Clemensen

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