App for MedCards

Today, the clinical staff uses Infonet for instructions. But Infonet is slow, it only works from a computer, and it does not contain all the information the different clinics need for their work. This means that the staff will have to leave the patient.

To solve the problem, the departments print out “MedCards” on paper for staff, but they are quickly outdated when the guidelines change. In practice, the consequence of this is that staff treats patients based on outdated procedures.

Some of the departments have bought apps, but then they need to log in and search for information in different places. This is inconvenient regarding work and patient flow.


The project adapts an existing app for OUH, i.a. with integration to Infonet. The app gives the clinicians of OUH easy access to the newest and most updated instructions and guidelines. This way the project contributes to ensure proper treatment of the patients.

When the individual clinician is able to obtain updated info, distracting inquiries and questions between the staff are avoided.

The app can be scaled up for use at all hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark, since it can be used at all departments by all types of professions.


Through a mini-assessment developed by Anne Mette Ølholm and Kristian Kidholm, the staffs experience of MMC has been examined using 3 semi-structured focus group interviews. It was established that the staffs overall impression of MMC was very positive, and they acknowledged a great potential in the app, but also indicated that it would need adjustments before it would be ready for deployment at further departments at OUH.


The results show that the staff at the test departments are positive towards the app by most measures. Several mention that it adapts to the needs of the departments as it quickly and conveniently provides access to clear and thorough information, which is constantly updated – this is a major gain in comparison to the paper based medcards that the departments also use.

However, some desires for development and effectual changes should be carried out. This entails i.a. the division into specialties, which may be difficult for new employees to navigate. The largest barrier is the lack of smart phones at the work place and the general use of phones. Besides this, the external Infonet was shut down during the test period, and because of this it has been inaccessible through the link in the app.

Both departments wish to continue using the app, and a new and improved version is ready for use for both departments on July 1 2018.


Lisbth Thisted Andersen


Start: April 2017
End: June 2018


The Emergency Department in Odense and the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at Svendborg Hospital are the test departments.

The project is carried out in close collaboration with the department of Clinical IT at Odense University Hospital.


Lea Bohn

Lea Bohn

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Anne Mette Ølholm

Anne Mette Ølholm

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