Anne Snowdon

Anne Snowdon

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship with a background in nursing. Executive Director of Clinical Research in HIMSS Analytics, Academic Chair of the World Health Innovation Network and Scientific Director and CEO of SCAN Health

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Dr. Anne Snowdon is adjunct professor of clinical supply chain innovation at Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) as of May 2019.

The collaboration between Dr. Snowdon and CIMT is based on the “Clinically Integrated Supply Outcomes Model (CISOM)” maturity, launched by HIMSS in early 2020. The model was developed by Dr. Snowdon and her team in collaboration with healthcare leaders and industry partners. The model has been tested on health system in various countries, but never in Scandinavia or mainland Europe.

The tool revolves around patient security and quality of care and clinical outcomes. The tool focuses on tracking and traceability of products, care processes, provider teams, medicines etc., and coupling clinical data with the use of interventions (e.g. implants or medicine) to predict or trace outcomes for the patient.

The aim for the collaboration is to bring Dr. Snowdon’s research into a Danish setting and help develop and evaluate a joint model for clinical supply chain. The collaboration aims at validating the CISOM supply chain maturity tool in a European setting and contributing to further development of the model by testing the model on processes and flows at Odense University Hospital.

In addition to this work, Dr. Snowdon will give lectures and supervise PhD students at CIMT.


Dr. Anne Snowdon is Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at University of Windsor, Executive Director of Clinical Research in HIMSS Analytics, Academic Chair of the World Health Innovation Network (WIN), and Scientific Director and CEO of SCAN Health – a Networks of Centres of Excellence International Knowledge Translation Platform (NCE-IKTP). SCAN Health works with partners from industry, academia, health systems and government to advance supply chain infrastructure in health systems to strengthen quality, safety, and system performance. Anne has a background as a nurse and clinical manager as well as being an entrepreneur. She currently holds several patents based on her research and inventions.

She is Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Alberta Innovates, a board member of the Ontario Centres of Excellence, and has been appointed to the Health Futures Council for Arizona State University.

Dr. Snowdon leads over 15 innovation research initiatives across seven Canadian provinces that collaborate with government, health professionals, private industry, foundations and families. She has published more than 140 research articles, papers and cases and has received over EUR 14,6 million in research funding.