The increasing population age and constant development in medical science affect the living age of chronically ill people. This challenges the Danish health sector in areas such as life quality and sustainable healthcare. ADLIFE seeks to meet these challenges by focusing on people with advanced chronic illnesses who could benefit from the implementation of digital interventions to help them manage aspects of their condition such as medicine use, comobidity (suffering from multiple conditions), frailty and isolation.

ADLIFE seeks to better the life quality of elderly, chronically ill citizens by using innovative personal care technologies that work across health and care sectors. The so-called “ADLIFE toolbox” aims to utilise and expand the everyday environment by applying existing reliable healthcare solutions such as mobile apps and video conferencing.


ADLIFE aims to demonstrate that it is possible to create personal treatment procedures that provide individualised care to patients with advanced chronic illnesses through digital solutions fitted to the need of the citizens and designed to create more coherence between health and care sectors. 

At OUH Svendborg Hospital, ADLIFE will test digital services for patients suffering from the lung disease Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart failure patients.

The services and solutions in the ADLIFE “toolbox” will be tested by more than 800 patients in seven different countries around Europe through local pilot site tests.

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Start: 1. January 2020
End: 31. December 2023


Read more about the project on the official ADLIFE website.

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The project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme, grant agreement: 875209.


The ADLIFE consortium consists of 12 partners from seven countries. Kronikgune Institute for Health Services Research (under the health authorities of the Basque Country) is the project lead.

From OUH, CIMT and the Department of Internal Medicine and Acute Medicine at Svendborg Hospital are involved as partners, who will be testing ADLIFE services and solutions with staff and patients. Clinical specialists and researchers from the department are also taking the lead on the work package on patient empowerment.


Søren Udby

Søren Udby

Project manager | (+45) 2931 7259 | [email protected]