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[email protected] was an EU-project with primary focus on promoting and scaling telepsychiatric services. By evaluating existing solutions and services, the project aimed to improve the health sector in Europe.

ACT stands for Advancing Care Coordination and Telehealth.

The activities in [email protected] reflected those areas, the project regarded as essential when solutions and services were to be launched at a larger scale. These areas included:

  • Stakeholder and change management
  • Solution and service selection
  • Sustainability and business cases
  • The private role of the citizen


The main aim of the project was to identify, transfer and scale existing and operational intersectoral and IT-based solutions.

The aim was that the five regions in the project offered their regional solutions to a minimum of 75,000 citizens altogether.


The [email protected] programme was the first of its kind to explore the organisational and structural processes needed to successfully implement care coordination and telehealth services on a large scale.

[email protected] has delivered a clear methodology for service quality improvement with EU-wide evidence-based recommendations for coordinated care and telehealth deployment, which can be read in the [email protected] Handbook. The handbook further provides an insight into some of the best European successes in care coordination and telehealth that we can continue to leverage for future deployments.n



Start: March 2016
End: February 2019

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[email protected] had 13 European partners, and the five regions of Northen Ireland, Catalonia, the Basque country, Northern Holland and the Region of Southern Denmark were active scaling regions.


Thea Damkjær Syse

Thea Damkjær Syse

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