ACQUIRE-ICD: Development and assessment of web based innovation for heart patients with defibrillator

Many patients with heart failure have a defibrillator (ICD unit) implanted to prevent sudden heart fatality. Heart failure causes decreased functionality, depression and reduced quality of life. The risk of hospitalisation and death is high, and the occurrence is increasing.  

It is difficult to make an exact prediction of when the state of the patient gets worse, which i.a. is due to changed procedures, which has led to remote monitoring of the condition of ICD patients, which has reduced the number of ambulance hospital visits. ACQUIRE-ICD is an innovative and sustainable solution because it is built on patient-focused and personalised tools that are to help the patients to become more active in their treatment.


The aim of the project is to turn the patients into active co-players in the management of their disease to the effect that they enter decisions made about their treatment. In this context, an interactive web-based solution is being developed. The solution provides the patients with an opportunity to keep an eye on their health condition, track deterioration at an early state and communicate with the ICD clinic, which they are attached to. The platform is also to function as a tool for informing the health staff of changes in the symptoms of the patients to ensure early intervention, support joint decision-making and deliver tailored treatment to the patients.



The project is being funded in collaboration with TrygFonden, [email protected] and the Lundbeck foundation.



Thomas Schmidt

Thomas Schmidt

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