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Two departments at OUH tested the Google Glass as the first hospital in the country when the technology was introduced in 2014. The two departments were the Emergency Department and the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

During the pilot project at the two departments, the Google Glass was used 23 times, from this 12 times were as tests without patients and 11 with the involvement of patients.

The glasses “see what I see”/live streaming function was used to provide supervision to doctors and nurses from co-workers, who are not present but were able to view the situation through a computer. If a midwife at the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics would contact a doctor for counselling, the glasses were to give the doctor a picture as a supplement to the oral description of the midwife.

Google Glass was on loan for the project at OUH through the firm Accenture, who made a great video that illustrates how the glasses were tested at the two departments.


The aim of the project was to try out Google Glass as a tool in clinical work situations at Odense University Hospital. The project was to study if it is technically possible to use the Google Glass in combination with the clinical systems of the hospital.

In addition, the project was to clarify if Google Glass or similar technologies can be a useful tool at the clinical departments of the hospital.


The pilot project found positive indications of using the Google Glass at the hospital. The functions of the glasses were assessed by the staff as providing an enhancement of quality and a saving of time.

A number of technical difficulties did, however, also emerge i.e. battery life, the use of one’s own glasses in combination with Google Glass, and securing of data transmitted via the technology. These challenges were also pointed out by previous testers of the technology, and therefore Google removed the Google Glass from the market in 2015, while they are working on a new version of the technology.

The tested functions of the glasses did, however, also prove to be beneficial in a degree that OUH is to follow the development of this sort of wearable technology that can be operated handsfree and be connected to the Internet and the clinical systems of the hospital.

Eva Lund


Start: May 2014
End: January 2015


Accenture has made the video below, which illustrates how Google Glass was tested at OUH.



Google Glass

The Google Glass project was carried out with means from the [email protected] project, which OUH is a partner in.


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