Kristian Kidholm – head of research

Kristian Kidholm, Forskningsleder MTV

Health Scientific Head of Research, PhD, associate professor

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Kristian Kidholm is the mastermind of the development of MAST (Model for Assessment of Telemedicine), which is used as a scope to assess the effect of telemedical solutions. It is the most commonly used model in the world for assessing telemedicine, and Kristian travels around the world to tell of the model and to instruct in the use of it. The model is also recommended by the European Comission as the method to secure a precise and reliable assessment of the use of telemedicine in the health sector.

Kristian is regularly the supervisor for PhD students, and ordinarily he manages the resarch group for Medical Technology Assessment (MTA) at Odense University Hospital. The assessment of medical technolog gives the hospital management a research-based basis to decide whether a new form of treatment or technology should be made a part of OUH’s offers for the patients.

”My aim is to implement technology and telemedicine, because it gives the patient a better experience and better treatment. And it needs to be documented – we do not need new technology, because it looks good. It needs to make a difference.”

Kristian regularly writes debate letters for and “Dagens Medicin” and contributes an academic angle to the implementation of telemedicine and new technology in the health services.

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