CIMT-Akademiet særudgave

CIMT-Akademiet kommer i en særudgave torsdag den 15. august kl. 13-14.30, hvor du har mulighed for at høre fire amerikanske gæsteforskere præsentere deres forskning:

  • Professor Nick Anderson, Department of Public Health Sciences, UC Davis
    “My research interests focus on deidentified large-scale clinical data sharing for research, in particular the processes, technologies and ethical impact of sharing such data to advance “translational” science. I focus on biomedicine, but many of the problems facing high-throughput data-heavy computing research are relevant to other areas of science. I am particularly interested in how researchers can use collaborative computing approaches to share and leverage human and computational resources.”
  • Assistant Professor Kathy Kim Department of Public Health Sciences, UC Davis
    “Kim leads a research project at the School of Nursing exploring the use of a social networking platform in cancer care and its impact on care. She also conducts research as part of the UC Davis team contributing to a University of California-wide project exploring the connectivity of three networks serving more than 21 million patients.”
  • Professor Jim Marcin, Director Center for Health and Technology, UC Davis
    “Dr. Marcin conducts research on a variety of public health issues in pediatric emergency and critical care medicine, including quality of care, severity of illness measures and telemedicine.  His recent research has focused on how telemedicine can be used to address disparities in access to pediatric subspecialty care, improve the patient-centeredness of care, increase quality of care, and reduce overall healthcare costs.”
  • Dr Sujay Kakarmath, Research Scientist, Massachusetts General Hospital Instructor, Harvard Medical School
    “His research is focused on the evaluation of the clinical utility of digital health solutions, including machine learning and artificial intelligence-based products. Dr. Kakarmath’s team works closely with technology innovators from academia, startups and industry giants to guide the ideation, design, prototyping, validation, and deployment of digital health solutions.”


Besøget fra udlandet kommer i anledning af det internationale ph.d.-kursus i regi af Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network (TTRN), som CIMT er vært for fra 12.-16. august 2019.

Alle er velkomne til at deltage i CIMT-Akademiet, som i dagens anledning holdes i auditorium 1+2, indgang 93 på OUH. Tilmelding er ikke nødvendig.


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