Article on hospital managers’ need for information on health technology investments

A team of HTA experts in CIMT (Anne Mette Ølholm, Kristian Kidholm, Mette Birk-Olsen and Janne Buck Christensen) have co-authored an article describing hospital managers’ need for information  on health technology investments. The article is based on a systematic review of empirical studies and concludes that different types of information  are not of equal importance to hospital decision makers when deciding about whether or not to invest in health technology. The most frequently mentioned types of information in the literature related to clinical, economic and political/strategic aspects.
Legal, social and ethical aspects were seldom considered most important.

The literature review was carried out as part of the EU funded project “Adopting Hospital based HTA in the EU” (AdHopHTA) where CIMT is one of the project partners.

The article was published in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care and can be found here.