Another PhD study comes to an end – Congratulations to Anne-Kirstine Dyrvig!

On Thursday June 1st, CIMT celebrated with PhD student Anne-Kirstine Dyrvig who presented her work at an oral defence.

Anne-Kirstines presentation received praised from the external evaluators who also congratulated her on her work in the field of “Validity in studies of innovative medical technologies”.
Originally the focus of Anne-Kirstine’s PhD was transferability of results of multidisciplinary evaluations of health technology but in the end the focus was shifted to validity of evaluation results which she is the first person to really look at in the international eHealth environment.

One of the observations from the study is that results from RCTs when testing health technology can be misleading as the control group does not get a similar treatment to the intervention group, as there is usually not comparative measure in place – so they either receive regular treatment processes with no technological support or no treatment at all in the area where the technology represents a solution with completely new opportunities for care.

Similarly, many studies have such strict inclusion criteria that the patients expected to benefit most from the intervention if it were in regular operations at a hospital are excluded from the study and thus not represented in the evaluation results.
The PhD study has been carried out in close collaboration with the CIMT team involved in evaluating new solutions and developing evaluation frameworks such as the MAST model, and we’re very happy to finally see Anne-Kirstine present her work and be able to call herself Dr Dyrvig.

Anne-Kirstine is very focused on research and the collection of clinical data for research purposes, and is fortunate to move on to a position as data manager in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology at Odense University Hospital as part of the team working in The Danish Clinical Registries (RKKP) organization which constitutes the infrastructure of National Clinical Quality Databases and Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups (DMCG).