Systems for task management, mileage allowance and arrival

Together with the company Nobly, Odense University Hospital (OUH) has designed three digital systems which make work procedures at the hospital a whole lot easier. 


RoOS ensures overview and control of the flow of tasks among the staff in a department. In RoOS, tasks are created automatically, e.g. when the patient arrives, and specific tasks can be created and communicated digitally to the staff in the department.


  • The department has fewer telephone calls, fewer paper notes and fewer interruptions related to task deliveries.
  • The oral delivery which used to be the norm is now digital, and the risk for mistakes and misunderstandings is thereby reduced.
  • The nurse saves time and avoids interrupting more colleagues when trying to find a physician for a patient. She/he creates the task in RoOS, and the physician who has time for the task accepts it via his/her smartphone.
{:da}Opgavestyring, befordring og registrering af ankomst{:}{:gb}Systems for task management, mileage allowance and arrival{:}


Nobly Ankomst is a system which enables the patient to register digitally when he/she arrives at the department. Upon arrival, the patient registers with a screen and a scanner for the health insurance card.


  • It saves time for both patients and staff when the patient registers his or her own arrival instead of waiting in line for a receptionist to do it.
  • The arrival screens can be modified, so the staff can write messages for the patient,, e.g. directions to find the outpatient department.
  • The registration of arrival can be combined with a task in the resource and task management system, so the staff can see that the patient has arrived, the related tasks and who is responsible for those tasks.
  • The patient is automatically registrered in the patient journal and can see booking specific and relevant, short welcome messages on the screen. It is possible because of the link between this system and the registration part of the patient journal “Cosmic”.
  • One screen can be shared between various departments.
{:da}Opgavestyring, befordring og registrering af ankomst{:}{:gb}Systems for task management, mileage allowance and arrival{:}


Nobly befordring is a system which digitises all work flows regarding application and payment for mileage allowance – for both the patient and the staff.


  • The patient can apply for mileage allowance when he/she registers arrival by scanning the health insurance card.
  • The following procedures used to require a lot of paper, but they are now completely digital.
  • The patient applies digitally for mileage allowance by using the screens in the department after scanning the health insurance card. The system verifies that the patient has the right to mileage allowance and calculates the distance to the patient’s address.
  • The time from application to payment is expected to be reduced to 48 hours.


Generally, the systems give the staff a feeling of calm and time for their tasks. Time which was previously spent on routine tasks such as registration of arrival and application for mileage allowance kan now be spent on journalising for example. The number of small interruptions among the staff are also reduced, when they use the new digital task management system.

The patients find the new technology user friendly and professional, and they experience less waiting time.

The systems are designed together with the Danish company Nobly.

Both the digital registration of arrival and the digital application for mileage allowance were so successful in the test departments that they are now implemented in the entire Odense University Hospital and in the Region of Southern Denmark respectively.

RoOS, the system for resource and task management has also had remarkable positive results, but it is a basic logistic element, so a potential roll-out will not be decided until the new structure for logistics at OUH and New OUH has been established.

{:da}Opgavestyring, befordring og registrering af ankomst{:}{:gb}Systems for task management, mileage allowance and arrival{:}